There are many websites one can use to search for air tickets. Below you can find the links to these search engines. There are advantages and disadvantages when using online bookings systems, if you want to do this on your own, then we suggest that you weigh up the options which you feel are best suited for you when booking online.

We have found that booking online is generally cheaper, however you do find differences in pricing even between online booking sites. Here are some tips we learned in our many years of travel that may help you plan your South African adventure:

More about using flight search engines

Sometimes you will find that certain search engines (usually the airlines own website) cannot find our closest airport, which is PORT ELIZABETH (Airport code PLZ), in this instance we would suggest you use a flight search engine as they can link up various airlines to get you to Port Elizabeth.

What day you depart/return can make a big difference to the price of your ticket. works well here as it shows you the price differences for each day. Some online booking sites asks if you are flexible and will search +/- 3 days from the date you have selected. Watch your booking class of each leg of your trip (Business/Economy) if you are booking a business class ticket as some sites will put you into Economy for domestic flights, even if you selected Business when starting your search, this makes the flight "look cheaper" however you are not in Business class all the way.

Flexibility of the ticket. Usually the tickets booked on the web are not always very flexible.

Layover! Take note of how long you are stuck in an airport, when there is a layover. Usually the longer you are willing to "lay over" the cheaper the ticket. Ensure you do not land at say 17:00 at an airport and you depart the next morning at 05:00. This could mean having to pay for a hotel room or be spending the whole night in an airport.

Also be aware that your computer tracks (with cookies) what you are searching and the online sites can also track what you have searched, how advanced these online websites are to try and change prices or combinations we are not sure, but it has to be taken into account.


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