There are many websites one can use to search for rental car. Below you can find our links to search engines. There are sometimes advantages when booking your airline ticket combined with a rental car for the same period. Our suggestion is that you first look at the cost of renting a car using a search engine and then see what the cost would be if you combined it with your air ticket.

We have found that booking online secures that you will have a rental car on arrival, because during peak season the rental companies can run out of rental cars or choice.

More about using car rental search engines

  • We found prices vary if you searched on the local country car rental sight instead of the site ending on .com which determines the country you are searching from. Yes, you have to do a conversion of the foreign exchange if using the local site, however if you are looking to keep your costs down, then this is something to check on both the .com and the sites (see our links we have listed the most known car rental companies)

  • If you pick up and return the rental car to the same location, it generally is cheaper than if you pick up at one location and drop off at another location.

  • If you keep the car for a longer period, then if can actually become cheaper. If you are staying in SA for longer than 1 month, then contact us as there is a different site to use for "long term rentals"

  • Always check that there is FREE milage or at least 200km a day so you do not get a surprise at the end when the rental company bills you for your km travelled.

  • Always opt for returning the car full of fuel. The advantage in Port Elizabeth is that there is a fuel station right outside the car rental return, so you can fill up right at the end.

  • Keep your fill up receipt, sometimes the car rental company want to see that you filled up with fuel just before you dropped off the car

  • There are many "car rental search engines" that come up if you google for a car rental, what we found here is that these do not show you if all the costs are included like insurance, milage, excess. So just be aware to compare apples with apples as the rental companies tend to include these costs upfront, but it could show that they "seem more expensive" when they actually are not.

  • All of us carry mobile phones, make sure you take pictures of any damages before driving off as the rental company could say that the damage was not there. However the rental companies dont really care too much if you have taken insurance as this covers you for any damages. To date we have never had this problem, however rather safe than sorry

  • Be aware that the rental companies require a credit card to "hold" an amount for possible insurance excess on damages. Although this is very normal in the industry, what many people fail to remember is that this reduces your credit card limit and cannot be used until you return the car. This excess can sometimes amount to R25,000 and could take a large chunk off your spending budget.

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